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twofacedjanus asked:

How about instead: Bones gets really sick and jim is taking care of him and after a short shift he walks in on bones cuddling one of his sweatshirts and inhaling Jim's scent


Everything about this is perfect. Imagine Bones being all sniffles and weakened grump but trying to brave through it when Jim’s around because the kid has enough to worry about and he’s not even that sick really it’s just a cold dammit.

But then whenever Jim heads out for his shift Bones just curls up in their bed with one of Jim’s sweatshirts on and another one pulled over the pillow and he’s just got his face mashed into it and that’s how Jim finds him when he gets home and it warms Jim’s heart and makes him a little giddy so he strips down into just his boxers and replaces the sweatshirt covered pillow with his own body and Bones just sighs contentedly not even stirring for sleep. 









I am the nurse, wielding sonic headphones and I shout “I’m going home now”

I am the Engineer, I have sonic glasses and my catchphrase is “oh gOD”

I am… the Beekeeper, I have a sonic… blanket, and my catchphrase is “Okay!”

I’m the Pilot, I have a sonic nintendo 3DS and my catchphrase is…. ‘where is my sweatshirt’

I’m the Baker, I have a sonic cell phone, and my catch phrase is “Hello?”

I’m the telecommunications analyst, I have a sonic textbook, and my catchphrase is “I’m afraid not”

i’m a computer programmer, i have a sonic drivers guide and my catchphrase is “what are you doing with yourself. stop.”

I am the Doorknob Salesman, I have a sonic wallet and my catchphrase is “And now all I see when I chew it is this stupid alpaca eating that cone and I’m pretty sure I start imitating alpaca eating habits.”

I am the Professor! My object is a small potted succulent plant and my catch phrase is, “I’ll keep y’all informed”

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